• Uniform system of advertising on the site

    Free advertising management system on your site. The ability to place any code of ad networks. Use
  • Independet statistics increase profits

    A single ad management interface on your sites. The possibility of targeting promotional codes Use

Hybrid system control banners and teaser ads

Test of split advertisers return

Working with multiple teaser networks simultaneously

Accommodation units teaser and banner in rotation


example horizontal slider teaser

example vertical slider teaser

Kinds of Internet advertising, which can control HIGHCTR.ORG

  • teaser ads

    It is widely used on the Internet to monetize sites. Sites are placed teasers block - small text ads and images, banner ads, which should intrigue the visitor and encourage him to move here.
  • Media advertising (traditional - banner)

    It allows you to place materials, text and graphics on the special advertising portals, similar to the advertising in the media, but is characterized by the presence of a banner hyperlinks, animation capabilities and WOW-call (a call from the banner on the mobile number).
  • Contextual advertising

    based on search queries that can be placed on special platforms and contextual service determined by the algorithm.

About us

HighCTR.ORG is a software package that allows you to automate key processes associated with placing, conducting, and taking into account the banner and teaser advertising.

Manage advertising is necessary in order to be able to complete its control and to improve its efficiency and profitability.